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Welcome to I am an automotive artist specializing in custom car and
truck renderings. I can take care of anything you might need ranging from a custom rendering of your project, or complete conceptual design and development of your dream hot rod. I also do custom T-shirts and event posters. If you are looking for original freehand artwork using NO computer programs at all, look no further!

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I also build custom hot rods and motortcycles, I do all phases of my projects myself including design, fabrication, welding, engine building, paint, body, and custom interior work. Check out the hot rods and bikes pages for current and past projects.

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Look for Billetproofcustoms upcoming feature layout and article 2010 issue #10 of TRUCKIN magazine. Check it out!
Check out my new RC truck page! 

Billetproofcustoms is also a featured artist at:
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Lubbock, Texas

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